Why Use an MSP for Microsoft 365 Support?

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March 28, 2022

Think back in your business career! You probably found at some point that it’s difficult for anyone, let alone a business, to manage without Microsoft apps. The software has grown in significance and value, and you’ve loved it more each day. So why are you now thinking you probably need Microsoft 365 support and a managed service provider (MSP) to help you?

The answer is easy. You happily rely on 365 to make your office run smoothly. But you’ve found it harder to keep up with all the changes and options that have made it so valuable over the years. (That probably includes the 2020 name change from Office 365 to Microsoft 365!)

In addition, maybe you don’t have a dedicated IT team. You’re running out of people to ask for help. And your staff are all busy keeping your business profitable.

So you find yourself spending hours trying to install an app update or migrate to a new SaaS package. You finally scratch your head late at night and ask yourself: “How am I supposed to run my business profitably and manage Microsoft 365 at the same time?

Sound familiar? Bring on an MSP with expertise!

We believe that Microsoft 365 is the software that everyone should have in their business computers regardless of the operating system. It’s secure, it’s scalable, and it’s time-tested. And Microsoft 365 support via an MSP can become the extended IT team your business needs.

Also, a Microsoft-dedicated MSP will

  • fully manage your services,
  • offer training, and
  • troubleshoot all things Office 365.

But First, Why Should You Use Microsoft 365?

For over three decades, Microsoft has provided users with productivity tools to help them communicate better and work smart. The latest version, Microsoft 365, is a cloud-based subscription model covering Windows, Office, and Azure. You can easily access it from anywhere when you’re online.

Moreover, all the tools in 365 work together perfectly and seamlessly. This is key for any business these days.

Other Benefits of Microsoft 365

Feature: Microsoft 365 allows you to focus on the core business that generates your revenue because you’re now cloud computing and have data back-up and security.

Benefit: Your organization does not have to invest in and maintain a complex IT infrastructure.

Feature: The subscription model gives you access to all Microsoft apps and services.

Benefit: Your business has a predictable budget for the year ahead.

Feature: You have access to automatic upgrades and the latest software version at all times.

Benefit: This avoids you having to use legacy software.

Feature: Through Microsoft’s core apps, you improve communications with staff in the office or remotely. Skype, Outlook, OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams (and many more) make it easy to communicate and collaborate.

Benefit: You avoid additional software expense.


Once you subscribe to Microsoft 365, you’re on your own with just Microsoft 365 website support, unless you partner with a Microsoft-dedicated MSP!

Which is why we recommend you use Microsoft 365 support via a managed service provider.

If we’ve convinced you already, give us a call and let us help. Our whole team is Microsoft Certified and we live and breathe all things 365!

But if you’d like more detail on what we’re suggesting, read on.

What is a Managed Service Provider for Microsoft 365 Support?

Any good Managed Service Provider is a third-party company that takes care of your security, updates, IT Infrastructure, and end-user systems – and offers round-the-clock support.

A Microsoft 365-dedicated MSP, in addition, focuses on providing your business with the Microsoft support and guidance you’re looking for. They take care of everything for you.

For example, according to what you need, your MSP will provide things like:

  • 24-hour monitoring and 24/7 support for Microsoft 365 services.
  • Managing your cloud solution consisting of Azure AD, Intune, etc.
  • Fully managing your 365 licensing (CSP Program).
  • Supporting your IT infrastructure to deploy and use 365.
  • End-user training in Microsoft 365 tools and services.
  • Other agreed and tailored options.

Moreover, Forbes reports that 24% of respondents to their survey about the future of the workplace expect service providers to increase as a category in their workforce ecosystem. It’s a sensible way forward in changing times. Carefully chosen experts will more than repay your investment.

5 Benefits of Using an MSP for Microsoft 365 Support

1 Fully Utilize Microsoft 365 Capabilities

Microsoft 365 has a vast array of features that most users won’t fully understand. It streamlines your processes. But how best to use it properly?

A Microsoft-dedicated MSP will help you benefit from all the relevant features and capabilities you have available.

2 Ensure You Have Correct Licensing

There are many different licensing options for Microsoft 365. A Microsoft-dedicated MSP will select the right license based on the needs of your specific business. This includes choosing between packages (Business Basic? Standard? Premium?) and what each involves for you.

In addition, they’ll make sure you continue to choose the right options as you scale your business.

3 Install and Implement Advanced Security Features

With 365 now being a cloud-based model, guarding yourself against cyber threats becomes even more relevant. Your chosen MSP will ensure your security features and measures are the most effective for you.

4 Comply With Privacy Issues

When migrating from on-premise apps to file sharing and data use in the cloud (as happens with Microsoft 365), there are data privacy and data retention issues you might fall foul of. Your MSP will be expert in considering the legal side of where and how your business is sharing information, and ensure you stay on the correct side of the law.

5 Training and Support Whenever Needed

Your business’s journey doesn’t end when your MSP has installed and implemented Microsoft 365. Once it’s done, your staff need training to make the most of the productivity tools they’ve grown familiar with but do not really know in depth. Your dedicated, Microsoft-certified MSP will include this in your service bundle.

Would You Like to Partner With Us For Microsoft 365 support?

As we’ve seen above, with Microsoft 365 installed and maintained by a managed service provider, you’ll have made a business-changing decision. That decision leaves you to operate your business as only you know how – and the MSP to operate your systems!

Besides, IT is only a means to an end. Your end! Why sit up late scratching your head about an IT problem when you needn’t?

Here at OneSource in Houston, we’re a fully Microsoft-Certified team. We always provide our clients with the best support possible for Microsoft 365, using a tailored fee structure. We want you to be productive and we’re committed to setting you up for success! Contact us to discuss your requirements today!

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Why Use an MSP for Microsoft 365 Support?
We explain the basic features and benefits of Microsoft 365 but also list 5 benefits of using Microsoft 365 support via a Managed Service Provider (MSP).

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